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Archive Mediations - Contemplations of the Home Front
10th March - 19th August 2018

Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre


8th — 15 Feb 2018

MA space 5th floor of Chatham

Artists Statement:

Fragmented Family: A Commemorative Collection by Eve Lumai Bridges

Fragmented Family: A Commemorative Collection is part of an extended series of works centred around a forgotten photo album circa. 1914. The album features photographs of a Canadian migrant family, the MacDonalds, who arrived in Scotland in the early 1900’s.

This experimental piece explores the passage of time and its impact on memories, the importance of proper commemoration, the significance of ‘place’ and sense of loss. Each piece of sea ceramic has been repurposed to create a unique memorial to a particular member of the MacDonald family and the places they visited. 

The pieces of ceramics, collected from the beaches around Edinburgh, gained their beautiful eroded patina from the tumbling action of the sea and mirror the MacDonalds journey to Scotland. The damaged and worn surfaces are symbolic of the passage of time and its impact on the memory of the MacDonalds. 

Directly visualising the shattering of lives and families when World War One began, line work and shards of images from the album have been layered onto the fragments creating obscured portraits of remembrance.

By deconstructing the landscape photography in the album to a single line and a piece of pottery, a sense of place is given back to MacDonalds, returning them to the landscapes in which they belong, Scotland!